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In my work, I am drawn to the everyday construction materials;  screws, nails, outlet covers, wires, and caulking. Growing up with a father and brother who are both electricians, I am comfortable with these materials.  I have watched the way they take these industrial materials and bring them to life in homes and businesses. All the nuts, bolts, pipes, wire caps, and tools were organized and piled in the back of the box truck plastered with our last name. Walking into his truck looking at all these materials, I fantasized about the sculptures I could create and just how far I could push those materials. 

This body of work is exactly that, an exploration and dissection of construction materials. What does it look like when I use the fiber techniques my grandmother taught me with the materials my father touches daily? What story do these materials hold? What does it look like to consciously show and highlight an outlet that once placed in the home, is overlooked? I use both fiber techniques, painting, sculpture and installation art to help flesh out this idea and make sense of it for myself.

Blue Collar

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